Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters

Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters
Polly, Julia, Barbara

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Quilt

A new quilt is in the making.  First you sew three strips of fabric together.

 Cut at a 60 degree angle then cut into strips.

Sew five of the above pieces together in one piece.

Sew a rectangle on to each end.

Trim sides and ends.

Add a pieced triangle to each side of the diamond.

Sew three diamonds together.

What will three  hexagon units make????
The finished quilt will be about double this size plus borders.
Posted by Barbara


Michele said...

Thanks for the tutorial. That sashing is incredibly striking.

Vania said...

Hi, sono Vania from Italy, il vostro blog mi da tanta serenità,siete molto professionali

Manda said...

That is amazing! So pretty! Thanks for the instructions :)

Anonymous said...

And you make it look easy to do! It almost makes my fingers itch to try it!

Julia said...

I like how you have made the diamonds running through in such a simple way. Great job!

Tonya said...

You are just amazing. Thanks for this!