Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters

Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters
Polly, Julia, Barbara

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Night Live

    Tomorrow evening on C&T Publishing's, Wednesday Night Live
 they will be featuring me demonstrating the delightful diamond chain block which is pictured on the front of my book "Star Struck Quilts".  Sign in to the room at 6:00pm PT
(7:00pm MT; 8:00pm CT;  9:00pm ET)
  by clicking on the above link.
"Delightful Diamond Chain"

Here are a few other quilts which feature the diamond chain running through the blocks.
"Sunshine Joy"

"Irish Diamonds"

Two posts ago I kept you hanging on "a quilt in progress".  Here is the last two steps of completing the top.  I need to sew the rows together yet.
Creating rows from the hexagon blocks. The light brown zigzags is my carpet showing through.  (Please excuse the different light settings, my camera is broken)

The finished quilt top.

Notice this quilt also has a diamond chain running through each block.  The chain is placed in the center of a tumbling block layout.

Check out Quiltmakers latest magazine and find my pattern "Spinout" on page 46. Quiltmaker has also featured this quilt in the "Scrap Squad"

Here are a few pictures of the same quilt in a smaller version.

My sister Julia Graber on my left.

A class of 22 ladies took my class in Mississippi this past fall in Julia's home.

Come join my sisters Polly and Julia and me at brunch at the AQS Quilt show on July 16.
Posted by Barbara

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half Square Triangles

--Julia Posts--
I've been working the last while with half square triangles.
This is a "Mystery Quilt" so I'm just having to guess at what it's going to look like.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"What Mean These Stones?"

I read that if you want to work in a series you should have at least 3 works in the series. So I made a 3rd quilt using the Silly BooDilly's Non-Pattern Pattern. And thanks to each of you for your input on giving them a name. Here they are starting with my most recent.
"What Mean These Stones?" IIIj25
"What Mean These Stones?" IIj12
"What Mean These Stones?" Ij13

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Quilt

A new quilt is in the making.  First you sew three strips of fabric together.

 Cut at a 60 degree angle then cut into strips.

Sew five of the above pieces together in one piece.

Sew a rectangle on to each end.

Trim sides and ends.

Add a pieced triangle to each side of the diamond.

Sew three diamonds together.

What will three  hexagon units make????
The finished quilt will be about double this size plus borders.
Posted by Barbara

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Polly's Posting

Some of the comfort tops that my Grandmother Vera made down throught the years.

I know I've posted this picture of my grandmother Vera before but it's fitting to begin my post with it again.
I'm one of 63 grandchildren of Ralph and Vera Heatwole.   Over the years grandmother Vera made each of her grandchildren a comfort, giving most of them as a wedding gift.    This year I am on a treasure hunt asking each of my cousins to send me a picture of them with their comfort from grandmother.
My sister's and brother have all sent me their picture and I'd like to share them with you here.

~June Marie~
My oldest sister June is the oldest grandchild and she has used her comfort on her bed for many, many years.  It has seen better days but June plans on making a small memento for each of her children with these pieces.

~Coleen Sue~

~Julia Ann~

~Sheila Kathryn~

~Polly Dawn~

~Emily Louise~

~Barbara Ellen~

~Oren Jr.~

I couldn't leave my mother out.   She made this velvet beauty!

Friday, May 13, 2011

AQS Knoxville Quilt Show

Registration is now open for the AQS Quilt Show in Knoxville, TN.
My sister Barbara will be teaching classes all week. Polly & I plan to take some classes and lectures. And then on Saturday morning, July 16 all three of us get to give our "Quilting Journey" from 9-10:30. Come join us for brunch.
You can register here.

#22401 Brunch with the Mennonite Sisters
The Quilting Journey of Barbara Cline, Julia Graber, Polly Yoder
Sat., 9-10:30am
Ballroom A

Three of the seven Heatwole sisters share how quilting has been and continues to be a special part of their lives. This slide show of stunning quilts reflects their Mennonite heritage, and shows off many quilts they have designed and made themselves. See a trunk show of their own work. Listen to these talented quilters share their stories as you enjoy the beauty of both contemporary and traditional quilts.
#22401 Workshop Fee Jul 16, 20119:00am-10:30am26.00

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Sister Emily

Polly's Postings

This is our sister Emily.

What a delight in seeing her interest in sewing take on a new sparkle.
Growing up she had a really dear friend, Queena.  They spent many hours and days playing together as children and continue to be friends today.

Queena and I both married Delaware boys and moved away from our homes in Virginia to make new homes in Delaware.   We are privileged to both attend the same Mennonite church here in Greenwood.
Yesterday our sewing circle met for it's monthly sewing and Queena brought along a little blanket she wanted me to see.

She told me that my sister Emily had made it for her 30 years ago for her first child.  Queena treasures this little quilt.
Here are some close up shots of Emily's beautiful hand quilting.

I thank the Lord for Sisters! ...and friends who save little quilts!