Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters

Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters
Polly, Julia, Barbara

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric from India

Posted by Barbara
Terry (my husband), Mark (Polly's husband) and myself went to India on a missions trip.  I was so fascinated with the ladies saris.  The ladies  were so colorful and neat all wrapped up in 6 yards of fabric.

I bought three saris and plan to make a quilt.  Not sure yet how I will make it.  Any suggestions?

This is my "Pinwheel Spin" pattern.  Last week I finished up a new "Pinwheel Spin" and sent the quilt to CA to be published in my new book. Parla (my daughter) and I worked on this quilt together.


Wendy said...

sari fabric lends itself well to crazy quilts. I have several myself that I plan to use in a crazy quilt in the future.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I look forward to seeing what you quilt with the Saris. It will be a great memory quilt for you of your Mission trip.

And you are working on another book?? Yay!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Good Morning Ladies... The colors in India are so beautifyl.. I would make a quilt out of each sari and then you all will have the memories of you trip to the Mission... What will be the name of your book... I would love to get one because I love the pattern's that you all are making... I am happy for you and good luck with the new book comming out... :)

Barbara Cline said...

My first book by C&T Publishing is
"Star Struck Quilts", the second book has not been given an official name. It will have to do with triangle block layouts and will not be published until Jan. 2012. Barbara Cline