Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters

Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters
Polly, Julia, Barbara

Friday, November 19, 2010

Polly's Trip to Houston

~ Polly's Posting ~

I was so privileged to attend the International Quilt Festival down in Houston, TX earlier this month.
Here are just a few of the high-lights of my time there.

Being able to attend the show with my daughter Holly!

Taking a class by Kaffe Fasset on color. 

Running into one of my Quilting Heros ~ Hollis Chatelain ~

I had seen this quilt months earlier in one of my quilt magazines and was so intrigued by it.  How could 10 different women make self portraits and yet be so similarly alike?    I was thrilled to see the quilt there at the show and get to study it up close.


  • I took lots of close up pictures so I could study the details in them later.

    A little closer up for details.

    While taking these pictures a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to know more about the quilt.  She identified herself as one of the ladies who made the quilt and said that six of the ten were meeting there at the quilt in a few minutes.   I stayed around a little longer so I could get a picture of these talented women.


Julia said...

What a wonderful time you had. Wish I could have joined you there.

sophie said...

I love the group photo of the artists next to their quilt. They all did an AMAZING job of creating themselves in fabric.

It looks like you had a fabulous time in Houston.